Photo Section By-Laws

Sierra Club Photo Section of San Diego

Last Updated:  February 13, 2019

Approved by Executive Board of SCPS and the Sierra Club, San Diego Chapter


Article 1.  Name

Section 1.  The name of the group shall be the Sierra Club Photo Section. 

Section 2.  This Section is established by action of the San Diego Chapter Executive Committee, and is governed by these Bylaws, consistent with the provisions of the Chapter Bylaws, the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Club, by applicable law, and by the policies and directives of the Club Board of Directors. This Section is an integral part of the Sierra Club and is not a separate legal entity.

Article 2.  Purpose

The purpose of the Sierra Club Photo Section is to promote the idea that photography can be done to support the Sierra Club and its members.   The Sierra Club Photo Section will offer photographic instruction in the form of monthly narrated image presentations, member image sharing at those meetings, and hands on photographic activities that promote excellence in photography.

Article 3.  Membership

Membership in the Sierra Club Photo Section is open to any member of the Sierra Club.  Only Sierra Club members in good standing may vote or hold Photo Section office. Only Sierra Club members in good standing may act on behalf of the Photo Section.  Participation in Photo Section Meetings and Activities shall be open to the public unless specifically stated otherwise.  Photo Section Membership is required for member image sharing at meetings, and for participation in Photo Section image contests.

Article 4.  Officers and Elections

Section 1.  The management of the affairs and activities of the Photo Section shall be in the hands of a Board of Directors of 7 members elected by the Photo Section membership for a term of two years.  No more than 4 Board members shall be elected in any one year, unless to elect a Board Member due to a vacancy. 

Section 2.  The officers shall be: Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The officers of the Board shall be elected from among its membership.

Section 3.  The Chairperson shall select a Nominating Committee to consist of three Photo Section members in good standing, at least one who is not a member of the Photo Section Board of Directors, and who are not candidates for the election.   

Section 4.  The Nominating Committee shall present their list of candidates at the November Photo Section Meeting.  All nominees for the Board of Directors shall be active members in good standing of the Photo Section.    

Section 5.  Nominations may also be accepted from members at the November Section Meeting.    

Section 6.  The responsibilities of the officers shall be explained, and nominees shall accept or decline nomination.

Section 7.  A hand count election will be taken at the November Section Meeting, or the last Meeting of the year.

Section 8.  The newly elected Board Members will take office at the January Section Meeting, or the first Meeting of the year.

Section 9.  Should a vacancy occur, the vacancy shall be filled until the next election by majority vote of the remaining Board members.

Section 10.  Absence of three consecutive Board Meetings without reasonable excuse, shall terminate a Board Member.

Article 5.  Duties of the Board Members

Section 1.  The Chairperson shall run the Section Meetings, be responsible for delegating section business, or personally appointing special committees, and representing the Photo Section to the public.

Section 2.  The Co-Chairperson shall assist all Board members whenever possible, and share responsibility for conducting Section business.

Section 3.  The Treasurer shall maintain transparent and responsible stewardship of all San Diego Photo Section funds, and maintain Sierra Club Photo Section bank and checking accounts under that name.  Treasurer shall prepare a financial statement and present it at each monthly meeting.   Treasurer shall make deposits and disbursements and keep proper books. 

Section 4.  The Secretary shall run the “Greeting Table” at Section Meetings, sign up new members, collect the fee, and maintain a membership list.

Section 5.  The Board shall submit an annual report of its activities to the Chapter Executive Committee.

Section 6.  A quorum for Board meetings shall be a simple majority of its voting members.

Article 6.  Finance

Section 1.  The Treasurer shall comply with all Sierra Club policies and rules in matters pertaining to finance.

Section 2.  Annual dues will be charged to each Section member to cover operational expenses; the amount to be set by the Photo Section Board.

Section 3.  A fee may be collected for certain Section outings and activities.

Section 4.  Donations may be collected at any occasion and must be consistent with Sierra Club objectives. All funds must be given to the Section Treasurer for deposit. 

Section 5.  All donations to non-Sierra Club organizations must have Chapter Executive Committee approval.

Section 6.  All bank accounts shall be in the name of Sierra Club Photo Section, San Diego Chapter, and have the following Sierra Club Tax ID number: 94-1153307.

Section 7.  The Photo Section fiscal year shall be the same as the San Diego Chapter fiscal year, January 1 – December 31. Written financial reports are to be submitted annually by the Section Treasurer to the Chapter Treasurer.

Article 7.  Meetings

Section 1.  The Board Members shall meet on a regular basis.  Special Board Meetings may be called by the Chair upon the request of two or more Board Members.  The call for a special meeting shall include the purpose for the meeting and shall be held no later than two weeks after the request. 

Section 2.  Regular Sierra Club Photo Section Meetings shall be held monthly, except in December.  Date, time, location, and content of these meetings shall be posted on the Sierra Club Photo Section website in a timely manner.

Article 8.  Outings

Outings shall be operated in accordance with Sierra Club policies and rules.   All leaders shall be qualified as Chapter Outings Leaders.  Outings are defined as serious undertakings such as hikes with overnight camping where extensive first aid training is mandatory.

Article 9.   Activities

Activities are local casual photography gatherings for several hours where members may come and go as they please.  Leaders do not need to be certified as Chapter Outings Leaders.


Article 10.  Changes or Amendments to Sierra Club Photo Section By-Laws

Section 1.  These By-Laws may be changed or amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Photo Section Board if notice of the proposed amendment was included in the call for such meeting. Amendments approved by the Board shall not take effect until such time as the Chapter Executive Committee has approved the amendment. Approval by vote of the Photo Section Board is not required for amendments needed to keep theses Bylaws consistent with changes in the Chapters Bylaws or the directives of the Chapter Executive Committee.

Section 2. These Bylaws may be repealed or amended, or new Bylaws adopted by a majority vote of the Chapter Executive Committee.

Article 11.  Conflict of By-Laws

All questions as to the construction or meaning of these Bylaws are first to be referred to the Photo Section Board of Directors for decision. Appeals from such decisions may be taken to the appropriate level, as established by rules of the Sierra Club Board of Directors. The decision of the highest of these entities that chooses to act shall be final. All procedures not prescribed by the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Club, the Chapter Bylaws, or the Standing Rules of the Chapter, shall be governed by the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised.