17th Annual Dia De Los Muertos at Mission San Luis Rey Event

The 17th annual Dia Del Los Muertos event will be held at Mission San Luis Rey on October 29th from 10 AM to 4 PM.

There are a multitude of amazing photographic opportunities at this annual event. Please join Steve Ross and Nancy Ross and add some great images to your portfolio.

Nancy and Steve will be at the event, but because of traffic it is hard to say at what time. They will make a short presentation at this Thursday’s meeting, and if you plan to attend, sync up after Member Share. We will tentatively plan to meet up near the benches inside the Cemetery to the right of the Cathedral at 12:00PM. It is less crowded the Cemetery and we can spend a couple of minutes answering questions, but let’s all get out and photograph.


  • Bring one lens in the normal or normal-zoom range (50mm FF or 35mm crop). The faster the lens, the better.
  • Pack the smallest bag you can because you will need to work in very crowded conditions.
  • Respect your subjects — it’s their festival and you are an observer.
  • If you can and if they want, share your images with your subjects.

Limited Parking is available at the Mission for $5.00 and It is recommended that you carpool to the event. Check with your fellow photo club members to coordinate.

You can also take a free shuttle to the event by parking at El Camino High School (400 Rancho Del Oro Drive, Oceanside, California).

For more information, see this website: https://www.mslrdiadelosmuertos.com/

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