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December 2019 Activity: Birds of Santee Lakes

Join us on Saturday, December 14th, for our monthly photo activity: Birds of Santee Lakes with our president and acclaimed bird photographer Steven Cirone. Our activities are not limited to club members, they’re free and open to anyone who wants to join us. If you’re interested to meet a friendly flock of bird-flavored photography geeks, come out and play with us! 🙂

Santee Lakes is, just like many reservoirs in Southern California along the Pacific Flyway, frequented by a number of birds that we’ll see only during certain times of the year. Steve will point out what those birds are, and how to best make photos of them.


  • Address: Santee Lakes,
  • Meeting Point: General Store
  • Date: Saturday, December 14th, 2019
  • Time: 7 – 10 AM (group photo at 8 AM)
  • Admission: $5 parking (free if you park along Fanita Parkway and walk in)

Here’s a picture of our group from last year (ie. not birds)…

Santee Lakes Group
Sierra Club Photo Section bird photographers at Santee Lakes, California


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