January 2019 Activity: Birds of La Jolla

Join us for our January 2019 activity, photographing the birds of La Jolla.

We’ll be photographing mostly Pelicans and Cormorants – since these are fairly big birds and we will be able to be fairly close to them too, you do not need a very long “birder” lens to make good photos of them.

A 100-400mm type lens is probably ideal, but a 70-300mm or even 70-200mm lens will work great too.

Since there are wooden and metal railings to rest your arms with the camera on, a tripod isn’t absolutely necessary either (especially if you have a stabilized lens) so you can keep it light.


  • Date & Time: Saturday, January 19th, 2019, 7-10 AM
  • Meeting Point: Cave Store,
  • Parking: free along the street, but this area is almost always busy!

See you there!

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