January 2022 Activity: Birds of La Jolla

Join us for our first photo activity in 2022! We meet at La Jolla Cove to photograph the nesting Brandt’s cormorants, Brown pelicans in their breeding plumage, and other wildlife that will be nearby, like the Sea lions lounging on the rocks, the Pacific harbor seals at the Children’s Pool (a 15 minute walk from the Cave Store), etc.


  • Date: Saturday, January 15, 2022
  • Time: 7 AM (if you want to join later, just look for our group)
  • Meet: Outside the Cave Store, 1325 Coast Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Parking: Street parking only
  • Fee: none

Attention: rain will cancel this event (slippery rocks etc.)

Camera Gear etc.

The Brandt’s Cormorants nest on the cliff right beneath the sidewalk, it’s possible to rest one’s arms/camera on the railing and make photos from there. Most of the birds can easily be photographed from the sidewalk and without the use of a super telephoto lens unless you want to also photograph them in flight or further away (obviously).

You can bring your longer/heavier lenses too of course (beautiful close-ups of the cormorants will be possible at 500mm), but a 70-300mm, 100-400mm etc. lens will easily be enough to get good pictures. This equals 55-200mm on 1.5x crop sensor and 35-150mm on m4/3 cameras.

Always be respectful of all wildlife! Observe and photograph from a safe distance. Do not enter closed-off areas. Do not disturb the animals. Be mindful of other visitors and don’t block the entire sidewalk.

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