SOLD OUT! April 22: Lightroom Workshop 2017 at the MOPA

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the most popular software packages to organize, manage and develop digital photos on Windows and Mac. In our workshop at the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) on April 22nd, 2017, the photo club’s Alexander S. Kunz, avid Lightroom user since 2007, will share his knowledge and experience about a photographic workflow, organizing a photo collection, and post processing.

The workshop’s target audience are Lightroom users that already know their way around the software to a certain degree. You should be familiar with importing and filing of photos, as well as basic adjustments in the Develop module. The total time will be about 4 hours and the workshop is split into two parts, as follows:

Part I – A digital workflow with Lightroom

Our collections of digital photographs are growing and growing, and at a certain point we feel like we’re losing track. While Lightroom is extremely popular and most people know how to enhance a photo with it, few actually use its organizational features to the full potential. In this part of the workshop, Alexander will show you how to stay on top of your digital photo collection and build a usable archive with Lightroom, including:

  • efficient editing and culling of photographs
  • using metadata to help organize photographs
  • usage of flags, ratings, color labels
  • keeping track of a workflow with collections
  • using plugins to streamline workflow & add functionality

Part II – Photo discussion & post processing in Lightroom

Developing a photo on the computer should be a question of “what to do” to bring out the best of a photograph, not just “how” and in this part of the workshop, you’ll learn to look at your photos from this perspective. Each participant is invited to submit one raw file in advance, which will be discussed & processed “live” in this part of the workshop (time permitting).

  • a quick run-down of the Develop module’s panels
  • identifying the goals of post processing for individual images
  • using post processing to emphasize the key content of a photograph
  • establishing/enhancing mood and the best visual representation
  • Lightroom post processing tips & tricks

Time & Location

Location: Museum of Photographic Arts, 1649 El Prado (Balboa Park) San Diego, CA 92101.

Time: We’ll start with Part I of the workshop at 10am. We’ll have a lunch break (Balboa Park has a number of eateries for you to choose from) after Part I, and will continue with Part II in the afternoon. The workshop will end around 3pm.

Balboa Park is a very photogenic location, with many gardens, a botanical building, beautiful architecture, street artists. Bring a camera and take a stroll after the workshop!

Reserve Your Seat

The workshop is limited to 20 participants, please reserve your seat as soon as possible on our booking page: April 22 Lightroom Workshop at MOPA with Alexander S. Kunz.


The gallery below shows some before/after comparisons, to illustrate Alexander’s post processing skills. All of these images are single frames (no HDR, exposure blending, stacking etc.) and are developed solely in Lightroom. Alexander uses a very flat interpretation of the raw data as the starting point – you’ll learn why, and many other things, in the workshop!

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  1. I just signed up for the LR Workshop at Mopa on April 22.
    However I can’t find any info on the time of day/ starting time.


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