October 2022 Activity: Long Exposure Sunset Seascape Photography at Windansea Beach

It appears conditions may align for a great opportunity to take long exposure sunset photographs of the ocean at low tide with a dramatic sky on Thursday, October 13. There are numerous compelling spots from which to make seascape images within the vicinity of Windansea Beach. Photographers who are interested in making long exposure photos and those who simply want seascape images are invited to attend. This activity is being organized by Mark Ochenduszko.

As usual, this is not a Sierra Club outing. No Sierra Club Certified Outing Leader will be present. You may join, leave and participate at your pleasure on the scheduled date, at your own risk. The details of this activity are provided below. As usual, this in-the-field gathering is open to the public.


  • Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022
  • Times and Location:
    • Meet: 5 PM, on the sidewalk at the intersection of Neptune Place and Playa Del Sur Street (just above the National Register of Historic Places Windansea Palm Frond Shack aka “Tiki Hut”)
    • Sunset: 6:18 PM
    • Low Tide: 6:31 PM, 0.43 ft.
  • Parking: Wherever you can find it in the small Windansea Parking Lot (unlikely) or on the east side of the street on Neptune Place or the cross streets of Nautilus St., Bonair St., Playa Del Sur, Gravilla St. or Westbourne St. (It can be challenging to find parking at this beach, so allow extra time to park and walk to the meet up spot from your parking location.)

Precautions and Physical Requirements

A moderate amount of walking is involved. Some of the walking will be on large sandstone bluffs that can be sandy and wet, uneven, steep and possibly a slip hazard. Descending/ascending the drop-off from the bluff to the sand may require some scrambling or climbing. Leg strength and balance is required to negotiate the terrain. Arm and upper body strength is required to carry a tripod and camera backpack in these conditions. There will be beach-goers enjoying the area and possibly standing in our field of view. A sense of humor, and a feeling of goodwill and patience are required to photograph this popular surfing and sunset location.

Equipment and Gear Required

  • Camera with fully charged battery and memory card 😉
  • Wide Angle Lens (e.g. full frame: 16-35mm, crop: 10-24mm, m4/3: 8-16mm etc.)
  • Sturdy Tripod for long exposures
  • Cable or wireless release
  • Filters for long exposures and to reduce the exposure value difference between the sky and foreground (e.g. 6 or 10 stop neutral density filters, 2-3 stop graduated neutral density filters)
  • Shoes with good traction
  • Beach towel, change of shoes, socks, pants as necessary

Come join in on the fun and make an epic photo on October 13. We look forward to seeing you there!

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