Photo Quest May 2020: Seeing The Light

Photography, the word itself meaning “light drawing”, is all about the light of course. For our May 2020 photo quest, we’re looking for photos where you can “see the light” as it manifests itself as more than just a source of illumination for your photographic subjects. We want the light to be the subject.

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Photo Quest March 2020: Macro & Close-Up

Spring in Southern California, with its blooms of wildflowers, bushes and shrubs alike, with morning dew on fresh growth and if we’re lucky a bit of rain as well, is a great time to make macro & close-up photos. And if the weather is really too bad to be outside, you can explore the details of everyday objects inside your house – or whatever you want to inspect up close with the camera for our March 2020 photo quest:

Macro & Close-Up

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