Feel free to contact our volunteers should you have a question, have an idea, offer a suggestion, or any information that you need. Our Club is supported by a number of volunteers who give their time and effort to make the Club a great experience for all of our Guests and Members. Below the contact form is a listing of Club leaders and their responsibilities. You are welcome to contact these members for any of your questions or needs regarding the club.

Executive Board 2020/2021 Term

Chair:  Alexander S. Kunz
Vice-Chair:  Mark Ochenduszko
Treasurer:  Ralph Temple
Secretary:  Gina Smith
Board Member At-Large:  Tom Applegate
Board Member At-Large:  Steven Cirone
Board Member At-Large:  Tracy M. Schultze

Club Volunteers

Workshops:  Alexander S. Kunz
Additional activity host(s): Bob Serling

Advisory Board

The following are long-time volunteers serving the club and Executive Board as Advisory Board members.

Jim Cline
Jonathan Fennell
Ken Rockwell