2017 San Diego Photo Club Contest

San Diego Photo Club2017 San Diego Photo Club Contest

The 2017 San Diego Photo Club Contest runs from Thursday, October 19th to Thursday, November 16th at 11:59 PM.  See below for categories, rules, and the submission process.  Good luck!

Guidelines for participants

  • Submit your very best photos – go deep into your archives and pull out the gems!
  • Consider the category you submit to carefully, and whether your photos really fit into it


  • Travel Photography
    Images taken far or abroad, portraying people, cultures, and artistry beyond traditional California scenes.  Please note that images can be from other parts of the United States or in other countries.  Evaluate your images before posting to see if they might belong in the Street Photography category.
  • Street Photography
    Follow the classic street photography descriptions from Wikipedia.
    Don’t mix street photography up with event photography.
  • Landscapes
    Landscape photography only!
    Images with oceans, lakes, rivers, etc., should be entered in the Waterscapes category instead.
  • Waterscapes
    All landscapes where oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. are a dominant feature of the photograph.
  • Black and White
    All black and white, monochrome, and converted infrared images can be included in this category.
    It is okay to submit black & white images to other categories. Decide where the photo is a stronger fit: will it fare better against color photos in another category?
  • Architecture and Structural
    Images of and with buildings or structures that focus primarily on these structures, and not the surroundings. Can be abstractions and extractions of larger scenes too.
  • Action Photography
    Includes sports, adventure, and images that convey a good sense of action, movement, excitement, motion.
  • Wildlife (Captive)
    Photos of wild animals in captivity.
    Enter your great San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and other images in this category.
    Please note that we have a separate category for birds! (Avian)
  • Wildlife (Non-Captive)
    No images will be taken in a captive scene.  Be prepared to provide verification if requested.
    Please note that we have a separate category for birds! (Avian)
  • Night Photography
    Includes both Night Sky and Astro-photography
  • Avian Photography
    Includes any birds, either in flight or at rest.
  • Macro Photography
    Can include 1:1, magnified, and cropped/close-up images.
    For up-close photos of flowers, plants, insects, details of objects, etc.
  • Portraiture
    This category is for studio and lighted scenes of people.
    All other types of photos with people in them should be considered for the Travel or Street Photography categories as appropriate.
  • Iconic San Diego
    Enter your best photo of any San Diego icon or iconic image in this category.
  • The Print
    Bring your printed image to the 2017 Holiday Party for judging in person.
    It is recommended you provide your own easel.

Contest Rules

  1. Only Photo Club members with current and up-to-date 2017 membership may enter the contest.
  2. Each member may enter a maximum of five (5) images per category.  Images that are entered may not be used in future contests.
  3. Judging will be “blind.”  Your digital images will be placed in a photo contest gallery, with all identifying information removed.  Judges will be selected from industry leaders for each category.  Print category contestants will be judged in person at the 2017 Holiday Party.
  4. Ribbons and prizes will be determined by the Club Executive Board for winners.
  5. Category winners will be announced at the December Photo Club Holiday Party.

Submission Instructions

  1. Contestants must be 2017 dues-paid members of the San Diego Photo Club.  Only current members may submit.  See the Club Secretary to check your membership status.
  2. Members are allowed to make five (5) individual image submissions per category.
  3. Submissions must be sent via Dropbox to sdphotowebteam@gmail.com.
  4. Images should be sent via dropbox once per category, or contained in separate folders as needed.
    Here are simple instructions for sharing your submissions via Dropbox.
  5. Select “experts” will be included in an “expert” category as needed.  Other submissions will be placed in a “mainstream” category.
  6. Please do not resize your images.  Larger images show better quality and will be better judged.
  7. Because the contest is a blind judging, please do not use watermarks or identifying marks.  Any watermarked images will be disqualified.  Upon request, requests to delete images after judging is completed will be honored.