2017 San Diego Photo Club Contest Winners

With 727 images submitted from 28 participants, our internal photo contest saw an increase of 84.5% in submissions over 2016. Only 32.3% of our membership submitted images though – a number that we’d certainly like to see increase in 2018! We will probably reduce the number of submissions per category for each participant from five to three to keep the contest manageable.

Judging Process

Judges for our 2017 contest were Rod Clark (San Clemente, CA) and Andy Martin (Washington, DC). Before judging, all images were anonymized with neutral filenames. EXIF and IPTC metadata was entirely stripped. The judges looked for skill in composition, editing, as well as relevance to the category (hint!).

Before you browse the winner galleries below please keep in mind: All contests are subjective and results will vary. This is meant to be fun, and we are certain that everyone enjoyed seeing the finalists in the presentation at our holiday party.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year, and congratulations to everyone who won a recognition. Ribbons will be handed over at the January meeting!

Galleries of winners and honorable mentions