Gallery: I See Red (January 2018 Photo Quest)

Our first ever monthly photo quest “I See Red” ended on January 31st and we’ve been more than pleasantly surprised by the level of participation from our members – thanks for your submissions folks, that was an awesome start! Many of the names are our “regulars” that also participate in our MemberShare and Contests, so we’re hoping to get more people in, of course!

Maybe the gallery of participant photos can help to get you motivated to join our club and join the fun? Here are the pictures from “I See Red” that our members made during the month of January for the photo quest. The gallery is sorted by the participants first name – this is not a ranking, the photo quest is not a contest, it’s just for fun!

Meanwhile, our next photo quest is online and live, the February topic is “Perspective” – find out more about it in our announcement blog post: Perspective. We’re looking forward to your submissions!

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