September 21 Photo Club Meeting: Ivy Gordon

You are invited to the September 21 Meeting of the San Diego Photo Club.  Our lead presenter will be two-time PPSDC Photographer of the Year Ivy Gordon.

Ivy seeks to tell stories about people and places and share them with the world.  As Ivy has noted, photography needs a creative blend of right and left brain thinking.  Technical knowledge is worthless without passion and personal vision.

Ivy’s influences began with Eugene Linden’s book, “The Ragged Edge of the World,” which describes the loss of natural and cultural legacy when ancient traditions and the natural world collide with the various forces of modernity.

This desire to explore the cultural and humanitarian aspects of developing countries ignited her passion for her work.

Ivy’s images have helped support NGOs and non-profit organizations via fundraisers, exhibits, annual reports, and mailers that help them fulfill their purpose.

Intermission and MemberShare – Immediately Following

After the main presentation, we will have a brief intermission where you can pay your Photo Club Membership in person and purchase tickets for our sponsors raffle.

MemberShare will occur after the intermission.

Please note: Send 5 images via Dropbox to Steve Ross. You no longer need to resize your images. Instructions are here and they cover the details of getting the images to us.

The most important changes are that with the growth of the club and increase in meeting attendance, we must take the steps of limiting each member to 5 images and we will no longer be displaying non-member images in MemberShare.

As always, our club meetings are open to the general public. Please invite your friends to join us for an informative and great evening! Find more information here: Meeting Location and Details.

Don’t forget, with your 2017 Membership you will receive one raffle ticket each month for free! You can purchase additional tickets for $1.00. Also, if you paid for your membership at the last meeting, we will have your membership cards at the meeting!

Members are welcome to display their work in our meeting room. If you have a framed print and an easel, bring it in and set it up at 6:30 PM for everyone to see!

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