February 15 Photo Club Meeting – Larry Vogel

You are invited to the February 15 meeting of the San Diego Photo Club featuring landscape photographer Larry Vogel with his presentation:  “Shooting and Processing Award Winning Landscape Photographs – What Would Ansel Do?”

Main Presentation

We all know that it begins on location, in the camera and with a great capture. However, that is just the beginning. Vogel says, “It takes more than a camera to create a great photograph.” It was true when we processed photographs in the darkroom and it is still true today with digital processing.

In this presentation, Vogel will guide the group through the “Visualization Process” with ‘special guest’ Ansel Adams. In addition, Vogel will demonstrate creative, yet simple digital techniques that will help to raise your average landscape photographs to a higher, award winning level.

About Larry Vogel

Larry Vogel has been a fine art photographer for over thirty years. Vogel has exhibited his work since 1979 and has been included in more than fifty exhibitions, including shows at: Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, CA, The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, California, and the Africus, Johannesburg Biennale in 1997.

Larry was awarded a photographic scholarship from The Friends of Photography for the Ansel Adams Photography Workshops in 1983, which Vogel says he was fortunate to be able to attend, as it was the last of the workshops that the renowned photographer, Ansel Adams, was alive to teach.

Vogel has over 25 years of experience teaching workshops and leading photographic organizations. He has created and directed several photography groups based on the image critique process. He continues to offer his expertise in the critique process and has been sought out as a judge and instructor for many camera clubs, art groups and county fair organizations.

Vogel has been an exhibiting fine art photographer for more than 30 years. He is currently represented by the Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach.

View work by Larry Vogel at these websites:


Image Gallery

Intermission and MemberShare – Immediately Following

After the main presentation, we will have a brief intermission where you can pay your Photo Club Membership in person and purchase tickets for our sponsors raffle.

MemberShare will occur after the intermission.

Please note: Send 5 images via Dropbox file request https://www.dropbox.com/request/rcJO32KIA8ATxCmaIXrE

As always, our club meetings are open to the general public. Please invite your friends to join us for an informative and great evening! Find more information here: Meeting Location and Details.

Don’t forget, with your 2018 Membership you will receive one raffle ticket each month for free! You can purchase additional tickets for $1.00.

Members are welcome to display their work in our meeting room. If you have a framed print and an easel, bring it in and set it up at 6:30 PM for everyone to see!

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