February 2022 Meeting with Alyce Bender

We invite all SCPS members to our February 2022 meeting with Alyce Bender and her talk “A Camera in California: Exploring the Natural Beauty of California Through the Lens.” Please continue reading if you’re interested. Meeting date & time are at the end of this invitation.

A Camera in California

“Exploring the Natural Beauty of California Through the Lens”

Focusing primarily on the opportunities in North and Central California, Bender will cover a wide variety of natural subjects from traditional landscapes to wildlife and macro subjects. Sharing some of her favorite locations, she will cover topics such as what locations are best for what type of photography, the best times to go, and how to get the most from these locations while exploring your own vision. She will also talk a bit about gear selection and what you might consider doing with your images after returning home. By the end, you will be inspired to get out and explore your home state with a focus on Nature!

About Bender

Alyce Bender

Alyce Bender is a nature photographer, writer, educator, and adventurer. Camera in hand since childhood, her fascination for photography developed into a career after serving in the U.S. Air Force. Her passion for wildlife and the natural environment compels her to connect others with nature through sharing both visual art and in-field experiences that promote conservation, creativity, and ethical photography.

She is a Tamron USA Ambassador, contributing writer for the Journal of Wildlife Photography, and her work has been featured in group and solo gallery shows across the US as well as in international publications from the UK to Japan. Bender leads photography adventures around the world to help beginner through advanced photographers explore and expand their personal vision and naturalist skills ethically. When not in the field, she offers a variety of educational programs both in person and virtually for photography organizations large and small.

You can see more of Bender’s work at www.abenderphotography.com; and her social media handle is @abenderphoto.


Here are a few example photos from Bender’s talk. You can find a lot more on her website, linked above, and when you follow her on social media.


After the main presentation, we’ll take a short break before we continue with our MemberShare.

Photos don’t have to be recent. SEND YOUR BEST PHOTOGRAPHS. For example, create a small series of five favorite images or a project, and share with others what your photographic interests are about.

Here’s a quick reminder of the guidelines and procedure:

To submit your images, simply click this button:


If you need help or if there’s anything unclear about this procedure, the Dropbox help article on file requests contains everything you need to know.

NOTE: Your photos are only shown during MemberShare and will be deleted afterwards. We do not keep copies. There is no need to watermark your photos. If you feel that you must add a logo or other overlay, please keep it small and unobtrusive.

When the MemberShare is especially popular, we may have to reduce the amount of images from each member. If that happens we will announce it before MemberShare begins, and hope for your understanding.

Meeting Date & Time

The Zoom link to join the meeting will be sent to members a few days ahead of the meeting, via our mailing list. If you never used Zoom before, you can download the client software here.

  • Date: Saturday, February 19, 2022
  • Time: 1.45 PM opening of meeting (please join early if you never used Zoom before!)
    2 PM start of meeting and main presentation
  • More information about our online meetings is here: Online Meetings

See you at the meeting!

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