January 2019 Meeting: Michael Ready

We’re starting the new year with our first meeting on Saturday, January 12th, 2019, at the Serra Mesa/Kearny Mesa Library Community Room, from 2 PM to 4 PM (1:30 get together and setup – complete details at the bottom of this post).

Our main presentation will feature Michael Ready, with his presentation “Windows to Secret Worlds – natural history, science, and conservation photography in the intertidal and other vital margins.”

About Michael

Photographer Michael Ready in the field
Photographer Michael Ready in the field

Michael Ready is a nature photographer based in San Diego, California. From vanishing amphibians to bioluminescent squid, Michael’s collection of images seeks to reveal the diversity of life and particularly its smaller and lesser-known forms. While possessing a background rooted in natural history, his vision is divergent from typified nature photography. With an eye for rich colors, abstract patterns, and compositional mystery, the resulting images bring a sense of wonder and connection to the wild — and to the idea that nothing is outside of nature.

“So much wildlife is undervalued simply for the reason that it is not itself easily recognizable, and its contribution to the planet, ecosystem, or humanity, even less so. This is especially true of the smaller forms — the strange ones that require us to get down into the undergrowth with a magnifying glass, snorkel a stream, or explore the nooks of a reef to know they are there. The bulk of my work focuses on these unusual yet captivating and often beautiful creatures. I try to create windows to those secret worlds and foster a greater awareness of the magnificence of the natural world and its enormous biodiversity — and hopefully encourage action to preserve wildlife and wild places.”

Toward that effort, Michael is an Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, an organization harnessing the power of awe-inspiring imagery to further environmental and cultural conservation.

You can find his work on his website at www.michaelready.com and also follow him on Instagram at @michaelreadyphoto


Here is a small selection of Michael’s astonishing photographs:

Intermission and MemberShare – Immediately Following

After the main presentation, we will have a brief intermission and our members only free drawing – every section member present at the meeting will receive a free ticket for the drawing, with a chance to win prices and giveaways from our supporters.

MemberShare will occur after the intermission. Here’s a quick reminder of the guidelines and procedure:

  • Send up to five photos via Dropbox file request.
    This way, your files are automatically tagged with your name, are in the right order and end up directly in the right folder – it is a HUGE time saver for us. Please understand that we do NOT accept files submitted any other way.
  • Please send only JPEG files, sRGB color space
  • You do not need to downsample your images (anything larger than 1920 x 1080 pixels is great and your photos don’t need to be larger than 3000 pixels on the long side)
  • Prepare to speak no more than 10-20 seconds on each photo
  • We’re a photo club – please share only your original photographs with us
  • Deadline for MemberShare submissions: Friday, January 11th, 6pm
  • Nameplates: feel free to include a portrait format headshot with your photos!

To submit your images, simply click this button:


If you need help or if there’s anything unclear about this procedure, the Dropbox help article on file requests contains everything you need to know.

NOTE: Your photos are only shown during MemberShare and will be deleted afterwards. We do not keep copies. There is no need to watermark your photos. If you feel that you must add a logo or other overlay, please keep it small and unobtrusive.

Also, please do not wait until the very last minute to submit the photos you want to share. We need time to prepare the image presentation. When the MemberShare is especially popular, we may have to reduce the amount of images from each member. If that happens we will announce it before MemberShare begins, and hope for your understanding.

Meeting Location, Date & Time

This is our first meeting in 2019 and it’s the best time to join the Photo Section or renew your membership – please arrive early if you intend to do so! Alternatively, you can join or renew online, from the comfort of your home, using our online store (powered by Square).

  • Serra Mesa Kearny Mesa Library, Community Room
  • Address: 9005 Aero Drive, San Diego, CA 92123
  • Date: Saturday, January 12th, 2019
  • Time: 1:30pm setup & get together, 2pm main presentation.

Mandatory disclaimer: This program is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the San Diego Public Library. The Library is not responsible for the information presented in this program.

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