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March 15 Photo Club Meeting – Portrait Photography with Siobhan Gazur

You are invited to the March 15 meeting of the San Diego Photo Club featuring portrait photographer Siobhan Gazur.

Siobhan Gazur
Siobhan Gazur

Main Presentation

We will explore portraiture photography with Siobhan. She will set up a mobile studio, demonstrate different light setups, and also introduce different light modifiers and their effect to the audience. We’ll project the resulting photos with her camera tethered to a laptop.

Siobhan will teach us the four principles of portrait photography:

  1. Vision for the Portrait
  2. Right lighting/modifier to achieve the Vision for the Portrait (Different lighting setups)
  3. Composition of the subject
  4. Connection with the subject

About Siobhan Gazur

Siobhan teaches fashion photography at San Diego City College. She earned a BFA in photography graduating with honors from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design in California. While at ACCD she minored in Director of Photography in the film department.
In addition to teaching, Siobhan offers her professional photographic services to the public.  The related fields of  maternity, newborn, family, fashion and model photography are her wheelhouse.

Check out her impressive website if you are looking to update your family portrait archives or have a newcomer about to be born into your family.   Her rates are very reasonable.  https://www.siobhanphotography.com/fine-art-photography/

Example Photographs by Siobhan Gazur

Intermission and MemberShare – Immediately Following

After the main presentation, we will have a brief intermission where you can pay your Photo Club Membership in person and purchase tickets for our sponsors raffle.

MemberShare will occur after the intermission.

Please note: Send 5 images via Dropbox file request https://www.dropbox.com/request/IB2Axe4ZFIlX3Bujlmzb

As always, our club meetings are open to the general public. Please invite your friends to join us for an informative and great evening! Find more information here: Meeting Location and Details.

Don’t forget, with your 2018 Membership you will receive one raffle ticket each month for free! You can purchase additional tickets for $1.00.

Members are welcome to display their work in our meeting room. If you have a framed print and an easel, bring it in and set it up at 6:30 PM for everyone to see!

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