March 2023 Meeting with Catherine Babault: Photographing the Rarest Marmot in the World

We invite all members of the Sierra Club San Diego’s Photo Section to our March 2023 online meeting with photographer Catherine Babault and her presentation: “Photographing the Rarest Marmot in the World.” Meeting date and time are at the end of this invitation. Please continue reading if you’re interested.

The meeting invitation with the Zoom link will be sent to all 2023 members via email a few days ahead of the meeting. If you’d like to attend the online meeting, please join the SCPS or renew your membership. Here’s an overview of what’s included: Membership Benefits.

Photographing the Rarest Marmot in the World

Photographing wildlife is both challenging and rewarding. Compelling images are often the result of a thorough study of the subject and its environment. When it comes to a rare species like the Vancouver Island marmot of which there are only 250 specimens in the wilderness, the quest for these photos requires a lot of determination and patience. In her presentation, Catherine will talk you about her experience in photographing this rare marmot and the efforts made to save it from extinction.

About Catherine

portrait of Catherine Babault, nature and wildlife photographer
Nature and wildlife photographer Catherine Babault

Catherine Babault is a nature photographer based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, specializing in the Island’s nature and wildlife. Catherine offers nature photography tours and workshops all year round on Vancouver Island. She shares her passion for photography and ethical approach in her public presentations. She sells her work as fine art prints to private and corporate clients, and licenses images for editorial purposes.

Catherine is the author of the photo book Vancouver Island Marmot, The World’s Rarest Marmot (2022). Her previous photo book Vancouver Island Wildlife, A Photo Journey (2020) won a Nautilus Book Award in the USA.

You can find more of her work on her website, at and follow her on Mastodon at


Here are a few photos from the presentation:

Goodies for Members

After the presentation we will take a short break and then have a free drawing where members can win coupons from local businesses who kindly support us, a book from Rocky Nook, and more!


After the break and giveaways, we continue with our MemberShare. Each member gets to share up to five photos with the audience.

You could share your photos from our monthly activity, but they don’t have to be recent. SEND YOUR BEST PHOTOGRAPHS. For example, create a small series of five favorite images or a project, and share with others what your photographic interests are about.

Here’s a quick reminder of the guidelines and procedure:

To submit your images, simply click this button:


If you need help or if there’s anything unclear about this procedure, the Dropbox help article on file requests contains everything you need to know.

NOTE: Your photos are only shown during MemberShare and will be deleted afterwards. We do not keep copies. There is no need to watermark your photos. If you wish to add a logo or other overlay, please keep it small and unobtrusive.

When the MemberShare is especially popular, we may have to reduce the amount of images from each member. If that happens we will announce it before MemberShare begins, and hope for your understanding.

Meeting Date & Time

The Zoom link to join the meeting will be sent to members a few days ahead of the meeting, via our mailing list. If you never used Zoom before, you can download the client software here.

  • Date: Saturday, March 18, 2023
  • Time: 1.45 P.M. PST opening of meeting (please join early if you never used Zoom before!)
    2 P.M. PST start of meeting and main presentation
  • More information about our online meetings is here: Online Meetings

See you at the meeting!

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