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Guide: Submitting Images from Apple Photos

You’ve heard about resizing images and all that stuff for Member Share. That is front-and-center if you are a Lightroom or Photoshop user, but not so much if you are an Apple Photos user.

WARNING: The Apple Photos default is to export images in a small size. You have to do something about that if you want your images in the MemberShare.

Here is the work flow:

  1. Get your collection of images on the screen
  2. Make sure your sidebar is showing. If it is not, select Show Sidebar from the View menu
  3. Choose New Empty Album… from the File menu
  4. A dialog will pop up asking you to name the album something descriptive like SD Photo Member Share 2017-03
  5. Go to your photos or one of your other albums
  6. Pick the images you want, either one at a time, or as a group. If you are picking them one at a time, just point, click, and drag the image to your SD Photo Member Share album on the sidebar (the name may vary according to your taste. If you want to select multiple images at once, just select the first one, then press and hold the Command key ⌘, then pick other images you want. Once done, release the command key and drag the whole bunch into the SD Photo Member Share album
  7. On the sidebar, select your SD Photo Member Share album. Count the images to make sure there aren’t too many.
  8. Edited to the correct number if necessary (select, delete, rinse, repeat)
  9. Press ⌘+A (Select All from the Edit menu). That selects all the images in your album
  10. Select Export from the File menu. You’ll see a right-facing triangle. Move your mouse in line with this triangle, and you will see something like Export 8 Photos… Click on that, not the other menu item. A dialog will pop up
  11. The correct entries are: Photo Kind: JPEG, JPEG Quality: Maximum, Color Profile: Most Compatible, Size: Full Size. If you do not select Full Sizeyou probably will not get full size
  12. Press Export
  13. A dialog box will appear allowing you to pick a folder. Pick one you will easily be able to find, then press the Export button

And that’s it!

If you want to verify that you did this correctly, go to the Finder, then navigate to the folder you just exported. Pick As Columns from the View menu. Select a file (say, the first one?). Look at the column to the right and you should see a preview along with some image statistics including Dimensions. You want the dimensions to be larger that 1920 x 1080. Dimensions are specified width x height.

If you are having trouble navigating the Finder, creating folders, and so on, help is available at the Apple store or on Stack Exchange. Be patient with the Stack Exchange contributors, they have no idea your level of expertise, so if you don’t tell them, they may be pretty curt.

Note: You will not be able to number your images as specified in the guidelines. That means they will come out sorted alphabetically by file name. If you want to change this, edit the file names in the Finder. Again, this is a Mac issue, so for more help on how to do this, use online resources or Stack Exchange.