At every Photo Section meeting, we do a “MemberShare” after our speaker’s presentation. This is where section members can share up to 5 images with the rest of the audience. If you are a visitor, it will give you an idea of the photographic interests of our members. Enjoy the images. Ask questions!

What is it & Guidelines

Our MemberShare is not a judged or juried process. Don’t let the fact that we’re an interest group of the Sierra Club’s local chapter mislead you into thinking that it can only be nature and wildlife photography. We accept all photographic genres! The only content requirement is that it must be family friendly.

There are no limits to the amount of processing and manipulation, as long as it is done tastefully and the result is still clearly a photograph. Composites (swapped skies etc.) should be disclosed.

Here are a few cornerstones:

  • Non-competitive sharing of images
  • Not a critique session
  • Honestly self-evaluate the quality of your images
  • Submit technically solid work
  • Show your best photographs

More information and thoughts from our past president, T. M. Schultze: Thoughts on MemberShare.

How to Prepare

BEFORE you submit your images: please take a look at our technical guidelines for image quality & submissions.

Please do not send more than 5 images.  We often have enthusiastic participation and we want everybody to be able to participate in the time we have allocated.

You will have approximately 10 – 20 seconds to speak about each image as they are presented to the audience.

Showing your images to the group is a wonderful experience and we highly encourage you to participate.

How To Transmit

We are using Dropbox file requests for submissions. A Dropbox account is not required to send your images. Please refer to the Dropbox help article about file requests if you want to know more.

  • Look for the “File Request” link in the invitation email, or in the blog post for the meeting
  • Deadline is usually 1-2 days before the meeting
  • There will be a new file request for every meeting
  • NOTE: Dropbox will add your name as a prefix to the files so we can easily identify them
    (you do NOT need to add your name to the filenames.)
  • We will receive a notification that you uploaded the files
  • Do not wait until the last minute to submit your images!
  • Please share your photographs with us (purely digital artwork and illustrations may be rejected)

IMPORTANT: the Dropbox File Requests are unique for each MemberShare (and other occasions, such as our Monthly Photo Quest). We try to mark the individual file requests as “expired” as soon as possible so that they can’t be used anymore, but please, DO NOT use one specific file request to submit images for a different purpose.