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2018 SCPS Leadership Award Recipients

The following leaders were selected at the December 1 Photo Club Holiday Party for the Sierra Club Photo Section Leadership Award.  They are the 6th, 7th, and 8th recipients of the Leadership Award in our club.

Everett Mehner (1928 – 2013)

Everett Mehner
Everett Mehner

Recipient # 6 – Presented by Steven Cirone

Everett Mehner is being recognized posthumously for his long-standing and extensive work with the Sierra Club Photo Section.  Everett’s service dates way back to the earliest days of the Photo Section in the 1980s.

In an earlier era, you found out about meetings, presenters, and program, through the newsletters that Everett faithfully mailed to each person every month. Everett also stored the majority of the club’s equipment.

Everett carried himself as a quiet and stoic presence, but his heart was with all of the members.  Whether heading into the backcountry in his vehicle, or just setting up the equipment for the meeting, Everett was the guy who got it done for the club.  He continued his service well into his 80s, and after his passing, his work was sorely missed.  We are quite honored to have Everett Mehner be our 6th Leadership Award recipient.

Karl Grobl

Recipient # 7 – Presented by Steven Cirone

Karl began his service to the Sierra Club Photo Section in 1998 during a previous rebuild and immediately was a leader and mainstay with the club. His work on outings and meeting program helped build huge interest in the organization and helped build the club into the largest in San Diego County.

Karl also served as a mentor and inspiration for many as he built an extensive program and portfolio conducting NGO work overseas that helped organizations and highlighted a need and opportunity for others. While Karl is currently in Asia these days, his work in the Sierra Club Photo Section continues to help and inspire many photographers in San Diego.

Ralph Temple

Ralph Temple
Ralph Temple

Recipient # 8 – Presented by Tracy Schultze

Ralph’s service and leadership with the Photo Club spans 15 years, where he discovered the club through the San Diego Reader. Besides leading events and activities for the club, Ralph became the Club’s Treasurer and has overseen building and strengthening the club’s finances.

During a time of transition and rebuilding in 2014, he also served as the Club’s Vice-President. During his tenure managing our finances, the value of our account has increased 250% even while financing the needed purchases of new equipment for our operations. Ralph’s contributions have had a lasting impact on the club.

1 thought on “2018 SCPS Leadership Award Recipients”

  1. Thank you so much, I am honored and humbled to be recognized for this award. The SCPS and those who I met as a result of being involved in the club were so instrumental in my success as a photographer. Whatever small part I may have played in helping others, was rewarded tenfold back to me. I learned so much from others and was inspired and guided by all who were involved and with whom I was associated. The SCPS was and is a tremendous resource for aspiring photographers and hobbyists. The untiring work of club presidents Steve Cirone, Jonathan Fennell and Tracy Schultze along with so many others including Everett Mehner, Ken Rockwell, Jim Cline, Peter Nagianis, Carol Brody, Theresa Vernetti, Linda Lawley, and Karen LeCates, did so much to make the SCPS the premier photography club in Southern California. If there’s anything I miss about leaving San Diego, it’s the camaraderie of those evening meetings and photo-outings spent sharing the passion and excitement of image making with so many wonderful, like-minded individuals.


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