2019 Memberships Now Open

Photo Section membership runs for the duration of the calendar year (January through December). Our 2019 Memberships are open now in our Square web store. Sign-up or renew your Photo Section membership from the convenience of your home!

With your membership, you’ll get to take part in our monthly photo quest, year-end photo contest, discounted rates for our workshops, our famous holiday party – and most of all, you’re going to be part of a group of photography enthusiasts who are all eager to share their passion, knowledge and the enjoyment of their craft.

Auto-renewing Memberships

For the first time, we’re also offering auto-renewing memberships. These are not available in our Square online store however, so if you’re interested, please contact us to set up an annually recurring invoice for you.

Sierra Club Membership

Please note that the Photo Section membership does NOT include membership with the Sierra Club. Section members are responsible to sign up or renew their Sierra Club membership individually. Go to the San Diego Sierra Club website and click on “Become A Member” if you’re not a member yet.

2019 Calendar

Our calendar for 2019 is slowly filling up with the first meetings and activities. Please take a look!

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