Sept 29 Workshop: Developing Photos in Lightroom

After the first part of our Lightroom workshop series 2018 in June, about organizing photos, we’re now looking at Developing Photos in Lightroom.

We’re working in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC – the most recent version of the desktop software, but most of what we’re covering will also apply to older versions of Lightroom of course, as well as Lightroom CC, the cloud and mobile device version of Lightroom. The workshop is for Lightroom users who do have a basic knowledge and understanding of the software.


  • Date: Saturday, September 29th, 2018
  • Time: 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm
  • Location: Hilton Garden Inn Rancho Bernardo, Room Seven Oaks
  • Address: 17240 Bernardo Center Drive, San Diego, California, 92128
  • Tuition: $59 for 2018 Photo Section members; non members can add the $25 membership fee during checkout

Attendance is limited! Click this button to reserve your seat now:

Developing Photos in Lightroom


Developing photos on the computer is more than pushing some sliders until everything in an image pops. Instead, is an essential part of the entire creative process of digital photography, aimed at bringing out what attracted the photographer’s eye, and emphasizing it for a clear expression of vision and style, while at the same time reducing or eliminating distractions and flaws in a photo. This workshop will touch on aesthetics and perception, how our human vision differs from the camera, and how we can make photographs more “naturally looking”, with focus on what’s important in the frame.

Lightroom is far more versatile and powerful than many users of the software realize. Most of the developing that a photo typically needs can be done in Lightroom alone, without the need for plugins, or Photoshop. We will go through the complete functionality of every panel in Lightroom’s Develop module in the natural flow of actually processing images with thorough explanations of the how & why. Every step will be easy to understand and participants can immediately relate to what’s being done – and for what reason!

Workshop participants who want to contribute their own photo for “live editing” are invited to contribute a raw file (an invite with a file request will be sent to participants separately).


  • Lightroom’s Develop Defaults, Presets and Profiles
  • The new Preset & Profile system in Lightroom 7.3 and higher
  • Color & Luminance masks introduced in Lightroom 7
  • Evaluating the Develop settings of photos after importing them
  • Identifying and fixing distractions and common flaws in photos
  • Develop module sections explained
  • Special emphasis on working with local adjustments – brushing technique, masks, combining effects, etc.
  • Processing of common photography subjects (landscape, cityscapes & street, portraits)


Alexander S. Kunz is the section’s vice president and “Lightroom guru”. This is the fourth Lightroom workshop he is teaching for the Photo Section. He is also available for individual training and tutoring in Lightroom.

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