Online Workshop with Stephen Bay: Beyond Lightroom – Maximizing Your Images in Photoshop

We are happy and excited to announce that Stephen Bay, whom you may remember fondly from his excellent presentation in 2018, will teach a workshop for us. After our series of Lightroom workshops with Alexander S. Kunz, many of you have asked for the next step – going into Photoshop. Stephen has crafted a workshop that will precisely address this request. Due to the current restrictions on public gatherings, we have switched this into an online workshop (“webinar”). Continue reading if you’re interested.

Beyond Lightroom – Maximizing Your Images in Photoshop

Lightroom is a fabulous tool for photographers but there are times when you need more flexibility and power to achieve your vision. In this workshop, we will first cover the basics of editing in Photoshop using layers, masks, and selections. We will then discuss common reasons a photographer would bring their images into Photoshop including:

  • advanced local adjustments for tone and color
  • combining multiple images for corrective or creative effects
  • retouching
  • filters and special effects

No prior Photoshop experience is needed but photographers should be comfortable with image editing (in their favorite RAW editor). Although the concepts apply to any type of photography, we will demonstrate with land and cityscape images. Files will be made available to follow along as the techniques are demonstrated.

Date & Time

  • Saturday, April 4th, 2020, 10 AM – 3 PM (with 1h lunch break)
  • Online meeting will be open to join from 9:30 AM on (to work out any technical quirks;-)
  • Meeting invite with a link to join, as well as materials for participants, will be sent in advance
  • We are using the “Zoom” online meeting platform

Cost & Registration

The member price for this high-quality online workshop is only $40. Non-members can register and select the option to join the Photo Section at that time, for a total price of $65.

If this sounds like the right workshop for you, please do not hesitate and reserve your seat online, in our Square-powered store:

Register for the Photoshop Workshop

Cancellation & Refunds

At our last workshop, we had a number of unfortunate, last minute cancellations – we understand that these things happen, and fully refunded our members, but weren’t able to fill the abandoned seats, due to the extremely limited amount of time left to announce them again. The Photo Section of course pays the instructor – in order to keep the cost covered, we have established this cancellation policy:

You may cancel your registration up to two weeks ahead of the workshop date for a full refund. We hope for your understanding that, if you cancel within the last two weeks of the workshop, we can only issue a 50% refund, and if you cancel in the last seven days before the workshop, no refund can be issued.

Example Images

Here are some of Stephen’s photos with single steps in various adjustment layers:


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