Photo Contest Dropbox Sharing Instructions

Here are simplified instructions for sharing your submissions to the San Diego Photo Club’s contest via Dropbox. Basic computer knowledge is required for the following steps. It is assumed that you are using either Windows or Mac OS, and that you are familiar with using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

  1. Locate the Dropbox folder on your computer, using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.
  2. Create a new folder inside the Dropbox folder, name it “2017 Contest Submissions <your name>”
    (obviously, put your name in there, and not the words <your name>) 😀
  3. Open the folder that you just created
  4. Create a sub-folder for each category that you want to submit entries to, for example:
    (inside your “2017 Contest Submissions” folder)

    • Landscapes
    • Street photography
    • Action photography
    • etc. etc.
  5. Copy your matching entries into the sub-folder for the category
    (remember, you’re allowed up to 5 submissions per category)
  6. Move on level up, back to your Dropbox root folder
  7. Right-click the “2017 Contest Submissions” folder
  8. From the context menu, select “Share…” (it has a small Dropbox icon next to it)
  9. In the dialog box that opens (see screenshot below), fill in the “To:” field with
  10. Switch the “Can edit” option to “Can view” instead
  11. Add an optional message and click on “Invite”
  12. All done! 🙂
Dropbox Share Dialog Box
Dropbox Share Dialog Box