February 2018 Photo Quest: Perspective

Is there anything that’s more interesting in photography than playing with perspective? Compress it with a telephoto lens. Exaggerate it with a wide angle lens. Show the relationship of objects in your composition with the use of perspective. Point your camera straight up or straight down for an unusual perspective of the world. And all that only applies when you think of perspective literally. You can also interpret it and show juxtapositions, tell stories with a single photo – it’s all a matter of…


Looking straight up into a canopy of Coast Live Oaks.
Looking straight up into a canopy of Coast Live Oaks.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet – the photo quest for February 2018 is indeed “perspective” 🙂 and current members of the San Diego Photo Club will receive an email shortly that contains the Dropbox File Request, just like in January.

Also just like in January: no digging in the archives! Make a new photo* from now until February 28th and show us how you interpret the theme of this month’s photo quest. Remember: this is a fun activity to get your creative juices going – not a competition!

More info in the introduction to our monthly photo quest. Look out for that email in your inbox.

Good light & have fun!

*) photos with a capture date not within the time frame of the quest will be disregarded, so make sure your camera’s date and time are set correctly.

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