January 2018 Photo Quest: I See Red

Our first monthly photo quest is on and the theme is “I See Red.” This is a new online activity for our members. If you want to participate, make a NEW photo in which you interpret this theme in your own way (no digging in the archives please!). The quest is active until January 31st.

Current members will receive an email with a Dropbox file request link to send in their photos. Only one photo per person! A gallery of the submissions will be posted here in February.

Some ideas – it’s not the time for wildflowers yet here (but you can probably find something red in the Botanical building in Balboa Park, or the Botanic Garden of course) so here’s a couple of other ideas:

  • a portrait of an angry person 😀
  • car taillights on the freeway (maybe in a long exposure?)
  • with a bit of luck, one of our fabulous winter sunsets
  • an old phone booth
  • an MTS bus
  • you-name-it!

A new monthly photo quest will go online at the 1st of each month.

Have fun, we’re looking forward to your submissions!

2018 memberships are now available – click here to renew.

Poison-oak in it's late summer/fall color., Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway, California, December 2010.
Poison-oak in it’s late summer/fall color, Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway, California, December 2010.

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