Photo Quest April 2020: In the Kitchen

All good parties begin and end in the kitchen. Why shouldn’t photography happen there too? We’re sure that you’ll have no problem submitting a photo for our April 2020 Photo Quest, with the theme: “In The Kitchen”.

How about that photo project with the off-camera flash and the running water? A macro of the soap bubbles in your sink? An abstract of your cookware, a still life of fruit and vegetables? What about trying to freeze a drop of water as it splashes into a bowl?

Get in control. Use a tripod. Use a flash. Model the light. Use a reflector. What happens if you use a polarizer? Use limited depth of field. Get close. Or go ultra-wide. What’s cooking?


  • Make a new photo for the quest – no digging in the archives!
  • Your photo must be made between now and April 30th, 2020
  • This is a members only activity (a link to submit your photo will be in your email inbox)
  • Only one submission per member, please
  • Give your submission a descriptive filename and/or add add title & caption via IPTC fields
  • Color, black & white, DSLR, mirrorless, phone… doesn’t matter, but please…
  • no digital art/compositing

We expect technically solid photographic work without obvious flaws (take care of accurate focus, proper exposure, balanced composition, keep your work free from digital processing artifacts like halos, sensor dust, etc.).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask – simply leave a comment below, or ask in our member forum.

Stacked Plates (photographed with a prime lens and limited depth of field)
Stacked Plates (photographed with a prime lens and limited depth of field)

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