Photo Quest December: Your Best Photo from 2018

For our last Monthly Photo Quest, we’re sending you on a different mission: look at all of the photos you made in 2018 – and select one single image! Your best, most favorite, special photograph of the year. That’s the one we want to see!

Submissions Guidelines

  • This is a members-only activity
  • 2018 members of the Photo Section will receive a submission link via email, as usual
  • send your ONE best photo from 2018
  • we’ll publish a gallery on our website in January

Auto-renewing Memberships

Our memberships run for the duration of the calendar year and for the first time, we’re offering auto-renewing memberships. These are not available in our Square online store however – please contact us to set up an annually recurring invoice for you. If you’re interested, please get in touch before the end of December!

2019 Memberships

Regular 2019 Memberships are open now in our Square web store!



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