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Photo Quest May 2020: Seeing The Light

Photography, the word itself meaning “light drawing”, is all about the light of course. For our May 2020 photo quest, we’re looking for photos where you can “see the light” as it manifests itself as more than just a source of illumination for your photographic subjects. We want the light to be the subject.

Seeing The Light

How does light show itself to us in a visible way? It can be dramatic, in rays breaking through the clouds. It could be direct, like the spotlight of a lamp that illuminates your desk while everything else is dark. It could be harsh, like in the shadows of an object or a plant at mid day, or it could be soft, describing geometry and shapes in a room as they extend across ceilings. It could be abstract, like the prism of light as it passes through a gemstone. And it can be a creator and supporter of moods. Below are two examples that would be a good fit for this month’s quest.


  • Make a new photo for the quest – no digging in the archives!
  • Your photo must be made between now and May 31st, 2020
  • This is a members only activity (a link to submit your photo will be in your email inbox)
  • Only one submission per member, please
  • Give your submission a descriptive filename and/or add add title & caption via IPTC fields
  • Color, black & white, DSLR, mirrorless, phone… doesn’t matter, but please…
  • no digital art/compositing

We expect technically solid photographic work without obvious flaws (take care of accurate focus, proper exposure, balanced composition, keep your work free from digital processing artifacts like halos, sensor dust, etc.).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask – simply leave a comment below, or ask in our member forum.


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