Photo Quest May 2022: Cool

Oh my, time flies! May has firmly arrived and we’re hoping for cool and cloudy days under our “May Gray” marine layer but instead, it looks like we’re getting cooked with another heatwave instead, in the coming days. To counter the heat, the topic for our May 2022 Photo Quest is…

COOL. The topic is so cool that it is literally COOL. Isn’t that cool? Cool. We’re certain that such a cool topic will inspire all of our cool members to make cool photos. (I hope you’re cool with the fact that we’re totally overdoing this here — we haven’t lost our cool I hope!)


  • MAKE A NEW PHOTOS for the quest – no digging in the archives!
  • Your photo MUST be made in the month of May 2022
  • Color, black & white, DSLR, mirrorless, phone… doesn’t matter
  • Send high-res JPEG files, good quality, sRGB color space
  • No digital art/compositing

Before you submit your photo: please take a look at our guide on file names, format, titles, metadata. We expect technically solid photography without obvious flaws and distractions: have fun, but honestly self-evaluate. Take pride in your work!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask — simply leave a comment below.

Our monthly Photo Quest is a members-only photographic scavenger hunt. Current members will receive a submission link in their email with the theme announcement, at the beginning of each month. If you want to participate, please join the Sierra Club Photo Section.

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