Photo Quest January 2021: Fresh

It’s the beginning of a fresh new year, and the theme for our first Photo Quest of the year 2021 is… Fresh. For the quest, show something fresh, convey the idea of something fresh, the concept of being fresh, photographically. We don’t want to influence your creativity in any way so there is no example photo here, and no ideas either – you have to start… fresh! 😁

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Photo Quest November 2020: Twilight

Twilight at Windansea Beach, La Jolla, California

The end of Daylight Saving Time means not only shorter days and the need to adjust your camera’s time. 😉 On the plus side, sunset and the beautiful “Blue Hour” before dawn and after sunrise are within easy reach now. You can make twilight photos and still be home in time for dinner. Let’s take advantage of it!

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Photo Quest October 2020: Spooky

The theme for our October 2020 photo quest is “Spooky“. Just like in September, there will be no example photo and no hints on how to potentially interpret the theme – we do not want to prime or influence anyone’s creative mind and vision but… come on, “spooky?” How hard can it be to come up with a photo for that theme, in October?! 😅 We’re expecting lots of submissions, people!

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Photo Quest September 2020: Glass

The theme for our September 2020 photo quest is “Glass“. Unlike previous quests, we’re skipping the example photo and any hints on how to potentially interpret the theme – we do not want to prime or influence anyone’s creative mind and vision. Think about “glass”, and how to represent it, photographically, creatively, artistically, with the camera – and then go out and make photos!

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Photo Quest June 2020: Archive Dive – Trees

Normally, we ask our members to make a new photo specifically for our photo quest – get out and get the creative juices flowing, accept a little challenge, do something outside of your comfort zone, stay active as a photographer – all that. For this month’s photo quest though, we want you to go back into your archives as far as possible. We’re calling it…

Archive Dive!

(because #throwback was already taken;-)

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