A Changed Reality

On Thursday evening, the sound of a giant needle scratching over a giant record reverberated throughout California: a general “stay at home” order has been issued – and it’s the right thing to do to help slow down the spread of the novel corona virus.

We need to be realistic and face this new, changed reality: that the estimated time until a vaccine for this virus will have been thoroughly tested, and will also be widely available, is about 18 months. That’s 1 1/2 years during which the restrictions on meetings, and the need for social distancing practices will probably have to remain in place if we want to help limit the spread of this virus, and not put people at risk.

For the time being, our photo club will not be able to meet in person. We also won’t be able to do any activities together. What holds us together though is the passion for photography, and our community of photographers, and I want to keep this passion alive and our community together during this time.

Early in March, we had already and proactively cancelled our March meeting – even before the county’s restrictions on public gatherings were put in place. With the increasing number of restrictions, we have also turned our Photoshop workshop into an online class (“webinar”).

We had one “online only” activity for members for quite a while now, our monthly quest. We also have a permanent online “meeting place” now, our member forum (if you are a member, please register if you haven’t done so already!). I also intend to run a “regular” club meeting online, beginning in April – ideally with both a presentation, and our MemberShare, just like we used to do it. We’ll have to find out what works and what doesn’t. You’ll receive our updates in your inbox, as usual.

Please stay safe and healthy, and practice social distancing – lives depend on it.

Thank you
Alexander S. Kunz
Chair, Photo Section, Sierra Club San Diego Chapter

Feature image credit: Cindy Croissant

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